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In The Cold Russian Nights...

...A Little Heat Can Go A Long Way.

Russian Love: A Blitzkrieg Boys Yaoi Community
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Welcome to Russian Love: A Blitzkrieg Boys Yaoi Community! We are dedicated to the many yaoi pairings that consist of these fine Russian specimens.

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Now, there aren't that many rules, but please take the time to read and heed them.


1. If you don't like the yaoi pairing between any of these boys, don't like yaoi, or are homophobic in any way/shape/form... please, do not enter. This is the only warning you get.

2. If you don't support boy love, either keep it to yourself and enjoy the other discussions/fics/pics/etc. going on or do not join at all. All pairings consisting of one or more of the Blitzkrieg Boys are welcome.

3. Be nice. It's just common courtesy. You don't like it when we flame you, so please don't flame us.

4. As for cussing, I'm personally not against it. So, until it becomes a real issue, I'm not going to bother saying anything about it.

5. Fanfics, fanarts, conversations, debates, and other things are welcomed. Please, to cut on space, place them in an LJcut. Also, give the rating. For example:
     Title: Title Goes Here
     Rating: Rating Goes Here
     Description: Give A Short Summary. If There's A Pairing, List It.

6. Request for role-playing is welcomed.

7. Have you cosplayed (or know someone who has) as a Beyblade character? D'you have pics you'd like to show off? Please, feel free to do so! ^_^ We support your efforts!

8. Advertisement is fine as long as it relates to Beyblade (aka roleplay request, etc).

See, now wasn't that quick and painless? This community is open-minded and welcoming. Please, don't abuse it. Now, come in, post, and enjoy!

Beyblade RP!!

RP has been transferred to bb_yaoi_rp All Characters from Beyblade are available, so don't think you have to like the Blitzkrieg Boys to RP.