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Okay, all the information for the RP can be found in the user profile. Updates of who has what character can be found there as well. As for the "proper thread" mention in the RP rules, that would be this one. If you wish to have a character, just fill out the form and post it in a reply. They all go here and no where else! This makes it easier on everyone.

Now, for some examples of RPing that will be accepted.

If you're RPing here in the community:

Format #1: Story like. Meaning you write it like you would a fanfic.

Tala sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose in irritation. He was currently leaning against a concrete wall, watching his team as they practiced. Their stances were meant to intimidate, their moves seemed flawless, attacks executed with a precision few ever achieved, and yet...and yet something was off. Something that he couldn't name let alone place, only feel. It flitted around the edge of his mind, just out of reach.

He shrugged off the nagging feeling and said, "Alright, enough! A ten minute break and then we switch off, Spencer with Kai and Bryan with me. Ian can sit out."

Comments would continue this thread.

Format #2: Like your messenging. This would probably be the most common used.

Tala: *sighs* *watches the snow fall outside*
Kai: I heard that. What's up?
Tala: *glares* Nothing. And if there was it wouldn't be any of your business. *goes back to staring out the window*

Comments would continue this thread.

If you're RPing on AIM or MSN Messenger:

Either Format #1 or Format #2 is acceptable. And you are free to post your RP conversations in the community, but they MUST be place in an LJ-cut.

Now, there is a third one.

Format #3: First Person POV. Your thoughts, etc.

I groaned at the loud battle cry of "IAN!!" It was one of those rare day that I had decided against a training session, instead allowing my team some much abused freetime.

"Dammit, Ian," Bryan shouted as he skidded through the living room.

Comments would continue this thread.

Now, this format can be used with Format #1, but MUST be made distinguishable (i.e. having it italisized while everything else is normal). It just needs to stand out from the rest of everything, see above for an example. It's somewhat hard to do this when you're not combining with Format #1 because it turns into a monologue-like thing. It's only you. If this is how you'd like to do it, then please make a journal for your character. It makes it a bit easier.

Well, I think I've rambled on long enough. I've said all I really needed to.
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