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Attention to RPers.

Since I've received a couple of confused emails from potention members, I will go ahead and create a separate community just for the RP. It may take a day or two (since other things are piling up), but that shouldn't be much of a problem since we're still kinda small.

User updates can still be found on blitzkrieg_boys's profile page, and there will probably be an occasional update here. Other than that, once that community is up, all RPing and the like will be done over there.
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Okay, all the information for the RP can be found in the user profile. Updates of who has what character can be found there as well. As for the "proper thread" mention in the RP rules, that would be this one. If you wish to have a character, just fill out the form and post it in a reply. They all go here and no where else! This makes it easier on everyone.

Now, for some examples of RPing that will be accepted.

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Welcome to Blitzkrieg_Boys. This is a community dedicated to the yaoi aspect of these awesome hotties. Now, you can pair them off with each other or with other characters from Beyblade. It's all good.
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